As the world of real estate becomes more complex with new and diverse means of accomplishing the desired results, real estate consulting now covers a broad spectrum of our work.  Real estate consultations may include:

  • Valuation Services for Estate Taxes and Partial Interest Valuation
  • litigation support in disputes involving real estate
  • feasibility studies
  • valuation services for tax appeals
  • procurement of financing
  • valuation services
  • eventual solution centric brokerage services

We have consulted on numerous assignments over the years including the Deep Water Horizon – BP incident, the Bayou Corne sink-hole, and the Chinese Drywall multi-district litigation.  We have also consulted in conjunction with brokerage and/or project management services related to site selection for compensatory wetlands mitigation bank development, new build and renovations, lease termination negotiations, procurement of financing, and general real estate consultations.

From contaminated property analysis to a simple brokerage assignment, an experienced and sophisticated consultant may very well provide the initial access to the doorway of success.  Find below representative cases in which we have successfully delivered ultimately highly valuable consulting services to clients during a critical time of need.