Address: 909 Cochrane Bridge Rd, Mobile, Alabama 36610 (East Bank of River)

Site: An approximately 26.1 acre industrial site with frontage on both sides of Cochrane Causeway in the Port of Mobile and with 1,200 feet of frontage on the Mobile River.

Price: $9,250,000 – ALL CASH AT ACT OF SALE

Zoning: I-2 Heavy Industrial (City of Mobile)

Waterfront and Wetberth:

A) Pier basin: 750’ dredged basin with 242’ ship dock (centered in basin), designed for 40’ water depth at the face of dock including concrete relieving platform with 20” slab supported by pre-stressed concrete piles for heavy loading to pier edge. Bulkhead designed (PE stamped drawings) for 40’ depth. The pier basin is suitable for mooring, cargo terminal operations, aggregate, ship demolition and/or repairing all type vessels including ocean going ships and barges, drill rigs, brown water vessels. Usable area of the pier basin and entire water front extends approx. 300’ to channel line.

Deep water pier basin capable of mooring panama size (750’ LOA) ships, current MLLW water depth is 20’ but designed and initially dredged to 40’. USACG Engineers Dredging permit in place and recently renewed.

B) South of Pier Basin: The waterfront south of basin is also suitable for mooring all type vessels, separately or in combination with the basin waterfront. Water depth in this area ranges from 15’ at shore line to approx. 25’ depth starting fifty feet from shore, to 40’ at ship channel.

Bollards: Nine (9) each – 100 ton bollard/deadmen are appropriately spaced along the waterfront in way of basin. Various other bits exists along waterfront for tie up inland vessels.

Breasting Dolphins: 2 each (4 pile structures) designed to moor and hold 20,000 ton dry dock in hurricane winds. Owner estimate replacement cost at $300,000.

Building: 6000 sf warehouse/storage metal building. Two 16’x20’ roll up doors. Reinforced 6” slab with 22’ eve height.

Facility Services: Electrical services: 460v, 220v, and 115v suitable for welding machine hookup, utility lighting and power tools, and shore power to ships is provided throughout the work areas. Work stations with disconnects and connection plugs are provided throughout. Security lighting is provided throughout the yard. High amperage power station with switch gear and power distribution panels and consisting of 1- 3000 kva pad mount transformer. Power Station is setback from dock front approx. 100’ with both primary power to station and secondary power from station being underground.

Water Connection: 6” fire main directly connected to the 14” city water main and runs to the deep water pier with multiple firehose connections along the pier.

Fencing: A chain link perimeter fence is around the property with access gates and a 20’ electrical aluminum gate.


A sunken dry dock at south end of property has been partially scrapped. Some structure remaining. Water depth over remaining structure is 30’. in out front has been partly scrapped. Some structure still remaining.

Turning basin is directly in front of this property and is maintained by USACE at – 42’.

Dredging Permits are current and in place.

Recent Environmental Phase I and II available. Owner believes property is clear.

Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) permits are in place and current.

No title problems. Title Commitment research information is available and recent.

The green area on photos is not wetlands per Owner. Buyer to Verify.

No city sewer has permit to discharge small amounts from treatment plant (50 people). Public sewer is available several 100’ feet south along Highway from Mobile Water and Sewer System.

Water, Gas and fiber optic cable is available at various location on property.

Modern truck scale with scale house exists, installed 2012

For more information on this property please contact Peter McEnery at 985.789.9091 or Parke McEnery at (C)504.236.9542 or

909 Cochrane Bridge Rd – Mobile OM 2.3.21