Mason McCullough

Research Analyst

Mason McCullough is a Research Analyst for The McEnery Company valuation department as well as a licensed agent for The McEnery Company brokerage department. Mason joined The McEnery Company in early 2019 to assist the brokerage team with marketing and project research, and expand his knowledge of the Multi-family and Short-Term Rental market. He made his move to the Valuation department in December 2019 to further expand his knowledge of the real estate world, and dive deep into valuations of real estate. Mason plans on using his newfound knowledge from the appraisal platform to improve all other aspects of his real estate career, including brokerage and investing. He has strong connections in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Mobile. Mason plans on using his background in Finance & Accounting to assist his clients in making smart investment decisions and improving their portfolios.