The way in which we service and transact real estate has changed, at least for today.  Our companies have remained fully operational with a combination of socially-distanced office space and fully functioning remote workplaces established and consistent protocols in place which have allowed safe and seamless operations.  While our Nation continues to persist through the challenges associated with COVID-19, the real estate market has quickly adapted to the new procedures through which we safely practice  real estate.  Banks are still lending, appraisals are still being engaged, buyers are still buying, new listings continue to hit the market; and our incredible vendor, lender and title company partners continue to provide outstanding service. All with a eye toward safe and health conscious communication and transactional management. Both at The McEnery Company and McEnery Residential, and in the best interest of our collective public health, we are deeply committed to do our part to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in our community. As we immediately implemented effective and seamless remote and isolated office operations, both The McEnery Company and McEnery Residential have aggressively supported and encouraged the following general protocols during this interim condition in our market:


  • Masks and hand sanitizer provided to all guests at our Downtown, Uptown, and Mandeville offices.
  • Virtual property tours conducted via FaceTime with commentary and as conducted by our agents with restricted attendee counts.
  • Scheduled Commercial property tours where all clients and agents are required to wear CDC approved face coverings, with limited attendees.
  • We are continuing to maintain the suspension of open houses of any kind.
  • Home and apartment access arrangements, where permitted by ownership, by which the property will be made accessible for buyer and agent/broker viewings without the necessity for a listing broker present.
  • Appraisal site visits and tour times accommodative to ensuring a limited number of on-site attendees and with a sensitivity toward all things safety, and in keeping with the guidance and recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Outside of the extreme priority to ensure we do our part to make a positive impact in our community by not contributing to the spread of the virus, the most important role as real estate professionals that we will continue to play in the coming weeks and months is to be a leader in how we effectively service our clients needs during this transitional time in the markets.  We will safely, attentively and tirelessly work to service the needs of our clients.


If you have an interest in scheduling an appraisal order, have a general real estate question, or require a private showing of one of our listings, please contact the appropriate team member. Most importantly, please stay safe and healthy as we continue to monitor this interim market condition.


In the spirit of this new normal, we will regularly be providing video updates detailing our market activity to our client base, with the most recent video being effective March 31, 2020.